Portfolio Management

Precise implementation, clear results

Investing is noisy and complicated but it doesn’t have to be. With intelligent investing, AllStreet Capital eliminates the Wall Street racket to offer precise implementation and clear results.

Whether you are seeking a desired retirement income, a lump-sum wealth transfer, or funding a bucket list of achievements, we proactively manage your portfolio to extract as much after-tax return with the least amount of risk.

We follow a disciplined portfolio management process customized to your objectives and risk appetite. We emphasize tax-efficiency and risk-adjusted returns using low-cost, liquid investment strategies while always acting as your trusted fiduciary.

Proactive Asset Allocation

Asset allocation and diversification are two powerful tools to achieve any financial goal. Proactively managing them begins and ends with understanding your unique goals and needs.

Tailoring your portfolio is important because over 90% of investment returns are a direct result of the “buckets” your assets are in with less than 4% attributable to which individual stocks or bonds are bought.1

A sound investment plan begins with reviewing and analyzing your investment policy statement and all aspects of the portfolio including performance, yield, contributions, time horizon and how much risk is taken to achieve the current return.

Our portfolio management process is risk-focused to help us determine your concern on various market conditions, correlations and other hidden variables that will impact how we achieve your goals.

Cost-effective Implementation

We believe you shouldn’t pay for someone gambling with your money, trying to beat the market. We build a tailored portfolio by selecting low-cost, tax-efficient index funds that include the right asset classes required to achieve the optimal risk-return profile.

Switching from managed mutual funds to passive index exchange-traded funds (ETFs) could save a fortune on fees and higher returns. That’s a good thing because studies show that most actively managed funds underperform the market.

Similar to mutual funds, ETFs are significantly less expensive. The average actively-managed mutual fund charges an annual fee of 1.39%, while the average ETF charges just 0.21%.2

Our cost-effective implementation is based on your specific goals and customized to meet your cash flow needs and match your risk profile. We create a customized portfolio that takes into account all of your assets including other brokerage accounts, real estate holdings and concentrated stock positions.

Rebalancing When Needed

Given the importance of selecting an asset allocation, it’s important to maintain that allocation through time. Rebalancing is about putting the risk in check.

AllStreet Capital provides the discipline to rebalance when rebalancing is needed most, which is often when the thought of rebalancing is an uncomfortable leap of faith.

As investments produce different returns over time, the portfolio will likely drift from its target allocation, acquiring new risk-and- return characteristics that may be inconsistent with your preferences. Our goal of rebalancing is always to minimize risk, rather than maximize return.

Behavioral Coaching

When it comes to investing, sometimes smart, sensible habits and instincts fall short. You might not realize you need coaching, but with volatile, ever-changing markets, it’s natural to want to make drastic changes and flee. That’s why we offer behavioral coaching to help you maintain the perspective needed to make sound investment choices.

We are here to help you act or to resist acting and maintain adherence to your financial plans and keep your portfolio on track for the long run. By following a disciplined process, we take the emotions out of the process.

We can coach you through negative behaviors, accept the elements in your financial plans and keep your focus on the long game. We help you resist panicky impulses and sudden temptations.

AllStreet Capital is here to counsel you through emotional times with empathy and offer guidance, reinforcing the importance of the financial plan and adding some perspective.

Keeping in Constant Contact

Our goal is to be in constant touch with you. We will meet with you at least quarterly and at least once a year in person or over the phone. Our input and interaction with you are paramount to a successful relationship.

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